Jeon Somi Explains Why A Scene She Filmed With Kim Chungha Was The Hardest On “Idol Drama Operation Team”

Jeon Somi revealed what the hardest part of “Idol Drama Operation Team” was.

On June 1, the cast of the KBS 2TV variety show attended a press conference for the program. During the conference, Jeon Somi revealed, “The hardest part was filming the scene where I fight with Kim Chungha.” She explained, “I was closest with Chungha in I.O.I. When I had to fight with her, I couldn’t get into character. I’m a bit disappointed with my acting in that scene.”

Kim Sohee also picked a scene where she had to fight with another character as the hardest. She said, “I also had a scene where I had to get mad at [Red Velvet’s] Seulgi. I found it hard to bring up anger.”

The first episode of “Idol Drama Operation Team” was released on May 29 through Naver TV and YouTube, and starting on June 10, it will start to air on TV. Watch the trailer for the show here!

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