Top K-Pop Idol Used Cocaine, According To Japanese News Outlet

Recent media reports have raised suspicions about a top K-pop idol member being guilty of cocaine usage.

A Japanese weekly magazine first broke the news with a photo of a male idol inhaling cocaine. Their report stated, “The photo is of a top Korean idol from group ‘B’ and we do not know the specific details but it was taken at a hotel.”

The report also revealed that the idol in question is member “T” from group “B.” Furthermore, it is reported that a large amount of cocaine was discovered. The report also mentioned that member “V” from the same group as “T” previously dated a Japanese fan identified as “A.”

According to “A” she first met the members at a club and then went to a hotel with them. Since the photo was taken at a hotel, the report is claiming that the photo of the idol snorting cocaine was leaked by the female “T” had a one-night stand with.

While this news has spread rapidly through social media, the validity of the report has yet to be confirmed. Many are voicing their suspicions that the reports could be false.

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