Hyoyeon Talks About Respect For BoA And Girls’ Generation’s Comeback

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon sat down for a candid interview on June 1 to discuss her new solo comeback among other things.

With this comeback, she cemented the image of being a dancing queen, in her own style. About that, she said, “I love the prefix ‘performance queen.’ The thing I’m still not satisfied about is the broadcast stage. It’s always my plan to do well at both singing live and also showing a perfect dance, but it’s hard. I think it’ll happen someday when I keep working hard. I’m always torn between doing well at singing or showing a more perfect dance. Of course, I should do well at both. This is when I feel that BoA is amazing.”

Girls’ Generation turns 10 years old this year. To commemorate this, the girls are preparing to release a 10-year anniversary album. Hyoyeon said, “The preparations are going well.”

She explained, “Since it’s our 10-year anniversary and there’s also been a bit of a gap between this album and the last, we are preparing diligently. Since it’s our first album in a while as a full team, we are being careful with selecting the songs and we’re being thorough on everything. You can expect good things.”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon has recently made a solo comeback with “Wannabe” featuring San E.

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