Actor Jung Il Woo Makes Generous Donation To The Senior Care Center He Is Currently Serving At

Actor Jung Il Woo’s charitable donation has been garnering attention from fans and media.

The actor is currently completing his mandatory military service as a community service worker. The actor was unable to enlist as an active duty soldier, after a medical examination revealed that the actor had a cerebral aneurysm. While his diagnosis could have been grounds for exemption from compulsory enlistment, the actor expressed his determination to complete his service and began alternative military service.

After enlisting quietly this past December, Jung Il Woo has been working at a senior care center in Seocho District, where senior citizens who suffer from dementia and palsy are receiving treatment and care.

Jung Il Woo, who is well-known for having actively participated in volunteer service and contributed to charitable causes even before his military service, decided he wanted to give more to the senior citizens that he works with and made a generous donation of 200 million won (approximately $178,000) to the center.

The director of the Seocho District stated, “Jung Il Woo has taken on his role as a community service worker with a strong sense of responsibility. I hope that he will continue to serve those in need even after he is discharged from the military.”

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