Police Reveal What Will Happen With T.O.P’s Mandatory Service In Light Of Marijuana Case

BIGBANG’s T.O.P, who recently admitted to allegations of marijuana use, has returned to his station and will for the time being be carrying out his usual duties, according to Ha Man Jin, the bandmaster of the Seoul Metropolitan Police. Ha Man Jin came out to brief reporters when they missed T.O.P, who returned to base much earlier than his scheduled time.

Ha Man Jin said, “Currently, T.O.P has returned to his station [after being off-base], and is on standby. The deadline to return was originally 6 p.m., so he doesn’t currently have any assignments. Whether or not T.O.P will be transferred to another department has yet to be decided.”

The bandmaster further stated that T.O.P will likely be assigned a guard and he will be restricted from leaving base and doing other activities. “Until a court verdict has been made, T.O.P will be carrying out his duties with the band,” said Ha Man Jin.

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