BTS Talks About How They’d Like To Spend Time With Fans

KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” has shared another look behind-the-scenes at BTS’s recent historic win!

BTS took home the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21 in Las Vegas, becoming the first K-pop group to win a trophy at the award show. June 2’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly” features the members’ self-filmed footage from their plane trip to Las Vegas, group outings during their trip, and more.

The episode also included the guys sitting down for an interview before the ceremony, with Rap Monster acting as the MC. Rap Monster read out the question to his fellow members, “If you were given time with your fans, what would you like to do?”

V replied, “I’d like to rent out a restaurant and have a meal with them.” J-Hope asked him, “Are you going to pay for it?” and V answered, “I’d pay for it!”

Rap Monster said, “I’d like to rent out a cafe and talk with them.” He added that he’d ask them about their life, and how they came to become a BTS fan.

J-Hope also talked about how impressed he is by the dance covers that fans have uploaded for their songs. Rap Monster then asked the guys to talk about their wishes for the future.

“I hope we win the award today!” said J-Hope with a laugh. Jin replied, “I hope that BTS keeps going for a long, long time.”

Check out more from the special footage in June 2’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly.”

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