On the June 2 episode of “Produce 101 Season 2,” the remaining 35 trainees were reorganized into groups to perform original songs for the concept challenge.

Although the groups, chosen by online votes, were decided last episode, the elimination of 25 trainees meant that everyone had to be rearranged into groups of seven. Groups with too many members had to vote on who would leave the group, while groups with not enough members voted on who they would choose (out of those who had been removed from their previous group).

BoA announced before the reorganization that the winning team, decided by the live audience of 2,000 people, would receive 220,000 votes as a benefit. However, the votes would not be distributed evenly – instead, the trainee with the most votes in their team would get a larger fraction of the total benefit votes. In addition, the winning team would get a chance to perform on Mnet’s official music show, “M!Countdown.”

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The first group to perform was “It’s” to the song “Show Time,” a Nu Disco song produced by Veethoven, Oh Sung Han, ASHTRAY, and KINGMAKER. The members of this group were Kim Samuel (center and subvocal), Noh Tae Hyun (leader and subvocal), Park Woo Dam (main vocal), Ha Sung Woon (subvocal), Lee Woo Jin (subvocal), Kim Sang Gyun (rapper), and Yoon Ji Sung (rapper).

Next up was “Monday-Tuesday Boys” with the song “I Know You Know,” a synth pop/funk song produced by Hyuk Shin (Joombas), Jeff Lewis, nomad (Joombas), and MRey (Joombas). The members of this group were Kim Tae Dong (center and subvocal), Kwon Hyun Bin (leader and rapper), Seo Sung Hyuk (main vocal), Kim Yeh Hyun (subvocal), Kim Dong Hyun (subvocal), Kim Dong Han (subvocal), and Jang Moon Bok (rapper).

The next group to perform was “Knock” with the song “Open Up” (literal translation), a Future EDM song produced by Devine-Channel. The members of this group were Kim Yong Guk (center and subvocal), Kang Daniel (leader and subvocal), Kang Dong Ho (main vocal), Yoo Seon Ho (subvocal), Joo Hak Nyeon (subvocal), Im Young Min (rapper), and Takada Kenta (rapper).

Next up was the group “Slate” with the song “Oh Little Girl,” a hip-hop song produced by ASSBRASS and KIGGEN. The members of this group were Choi Min Ki (center and subvocal), Lee Gun Hee (leader and subvocal), Jung Se Woon (main vocal), Bae Jin Young (subvocal), Ahn Hyung Seob (subvocal), Lee Eui Woong (rapper), and Park Ji Hoon (rapper).

The final performers of the night were “National Sons” (literal translation) with the Deep House song “Never,” produced by Triple H. The members of this group were Hwang Min Hyun (center and subvocal), Kim Jong Hyun (leader and subvocal), Kim Jae Hwan (main vocal), Ong Sung Woo (subvocal), Lee Dae Hwi (subvocal), Park Woo Jin (rapper), and Lai Guan Lin (rapper).

The winning group of the night was “Knock” with “Open Up.” Group members Kang Dong Ho and Kang Daniel had the most votes within their group, but it was announced that the final winner between the two of them would be revealed during the next vote rankings. The winner will receive 100,000 votes while the remaining trainees in “Knock” will receive 20,000 votes from the 220,000 benefit vote total.

The other groups were ranked “Never” (No. 2), “Oh Little Girl,” (No. 3), “Show Time,” (No. 4), and “I Know You Know” (No. 5).

The individual rankings, based on live voting during the concept challenge only, were as follows:

  1. TBA (205 votes)
  2. Park Ji Hoon (182 votes)
  3. Park Woo Jin (95 votes)
  4. Hwang Min Hyun (91 votes)
  5. Bae Jin Young (82 votes)
  6. TBA (78 votes)
  7. Joo Hak Nyeon (71 votes)
  8. Lee Dae Hwi (60 votes)
  9. Yoo Seon Ho (59 votes)
  10. Kim Yong Guk (58 votes)
  11. Im Young Min (57 votes)
  12. Kim Jong Hyun (57 votes, tied for #11)
  13. Kim Jae Hwan (52 votes)
  14. Ahn Hyung Seob (48 votes)
  15. Lai Guan Lin (48 votes, tied for #14)
  16. Kim Samuel (41 votes)
  17. Ong Sung Woo (40 votes)
  18. Yoon Ji Sung (37 votes)
  19. Jung Se Woon (36 votes)
  20. Kwon Hyun Bin (35 votes)
  21. Ha Sung Woon (34 votes)
  22. Takada Kenta (24 votes)
  23. Lee Eui Woong (22 votes)
  24. Choi Min Ki (21 votes)
  25. Kim Dong Hyun (15 votes)
  26. Kim Tae Dong (13 votes)
  27. Kim Sang Gyun (12 votes)
  28. Kim Dong Han (10 votes)
  29. Lee Gun Hee (7 votes)
  30. Noh Tae Hyun (6 votes)
  31. Jang Moon Bok (4 votes)
  32. Seo Sung Hyuk (4 votes, tied for #31)
  33. Lee Woo Jin (3 votes)
  34. Kim Yeh Hyun (2 votes)
  35. Park Woo Dam (2 votes, tied for #34)

Instead of revealing the current rankings for all trainees at the end of the episode, only the 12th place trainee’s name was revealed. Currently in 12th place is Pledis Entertainment’s Hwang Min Hyun.

Meanwhile, “Produce 101 Season 2” has not yet confirmed when it will be filming their final ranking votes this week but has announced the final broadcast date.

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Edit: This article has been updated to include the individual rankings for all trainees, based on live voting at the concept challenge only. In addition, the number of benefit votes has been corrected. 

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