SBS Promises To End Ilbe Controversy By Implementing New Rules

SBS, who has been accused of 10 “Ilbe” controversies in the past four years, has come up with a plan to end these controversies.

Ilbe is an online community with far-right political views that contains disturbing and questionable content. The users of the community often upload pictures with minute changes for its users to use online so that they can identify each other.

Unfortunately, these images come up easily on search engines and SBS has used several of these images on broadcast, causing controversy.

To combat this, SBS now has four new rules for their employees who are responsible with working with such content:

  1. No more use of images from portal sites.
  2. If there is a need to download an image from outside the verified internal database, only use safe images from the official site of the agency in question.
  3. If images from external sites are used, one must have a three-step cross check with supervisors, and must have written permission from the final supervisor.
  4. If steps 1-3 are breached, there will be a stricter penalty.

With these changes, SBS plans to become more responsible for the content that it produces.

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