Sung Hoon And GOT7’s Mark Sacrifice Sleep For The Cast Of “Law Of The Jungle”

Sung Hoon and GOT7’s Mark give up sleep for the sake of the team on the most recent episode of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.”

During the June 2 episode, the “Law of the Jungle” crew suffered from the heavy rainfall that just would not stop even through the night as they went to bed. Sung Hoon, who couldn’t fall asleep because of the rain, decided to get up and guard the fire, just in case it went out.

Following this, as Sung Hoon fell asleep for a quick nap at dawn, Mark woke up and tended to the fire, which was growing weaker for a short moment when Sung Hoon wasn’t watching it. Thanks to the two, the rest of the cast was able to stay warm throughout the night.

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