Watch: TWICE Grabs 8th Win With “SIGNAL” On “Music Core”; Performances By SISTAR, SEVENTEEN, And More!

The June 3 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” featured performances from Hyoyeon, SISTAR, ASTRO, VIXX, TWICE, iKON, SEVENTEEN, APRIL, Gu Ja Myung, SF9, KNK, MAP6, The East Light, B.I.G, Baby Boo, and Young Cream.

In the end, TWICE succeeded over SEVENTEEN’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” and PSY’s “I LUV IT” to win first place. Congratulations to TWICE!

Winner announcement:

Check out the latest performances below!

♬ Goodbye ◈ Stage ♬

SISTAR –『SISTAR Goodbye Medley』, 『Lonely』


♬ Comeback ♡ Stage ♬

Hyoyeon –『Wannabe』

ASTRO –『Because It’s You』, 『Baby』

APRIL –『Mayday』


♬ Hidden Song ◉ Stage ♬

Gu Ja Myeong –『Turn Around』


♬ Hot ♥ Stage ♬

VIXX –『Shangri-La』


SF9 –『Watch Out』


SEVENTEEN –『Don’t Wanna Cry』


♬ Sound-Holic ♧ Stage ♬

KNK –『Sun, Moon, Star』

The East Light –『You’re My Love』

B.I.G – “Hello Hello”

MAP6 – “I’m Ready”

Young Cream – “Night”

Baby Boo – “Keep Your Eyes On My Body”