Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Shares What’s Changed Since Getting Married

On June 3, Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha appeared on “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” with Lee Jong Hyuk and Oh Dae Hwan to promote their play “Special Liar.”

When asked what has changed since getting married, she commented, “Not much has changed. I don’t think there’s really anything else besides eating together and waking up together.” She also revealed, “We didn’t have set wedding plans at all, so my agency and members didn’t even know for awhile.”

The DJs also brought up her husband saying that she goes home drunk all the time, to which she wittily responded, “I don’t usually go home drunk. Because I am in a play right now, as soon as it ends each night, I have to go home and get some rest. But he keeps on insisting we go drink together.”

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