Narsha Talks About Group Disbandments And Says She Hopes Brown Eyed Girls Stays Together Forever

Narsha opened up about her thoughts on the frequent group disbandments recently and assured her fans that Brown Eyed Girls members are still close.

In a recent interview, Narsha voiced her sadness about other groups disbanding, saying, “It takes time to realize that you shine when you’re together. In some cases it’s a pity.” She advised other groups that, “To each their own, but I hope [other groups] give another thought before making the decision to disband.”

She also expressed her trust in her fellow Brown Eyed Girls members. “I think we were able to stay together for such a long time because we are so different,” she said. “We understand and respect that about each other. Despite our differences, our taste in music merges well.”

Narsha hopes that Brown Eyed Girls will stay together as long as possible. She noted, “I don’t know what we will be doing in the future, but we want to maintain the Brown Eyed Girls team. We all agreed that we can individually do different things, but we want to preserve our precious team forever.”

Finally, she revealed that her dream is to keep producing the music that she loves. “I just hope that [our albums] always stay relevant, and sound and look good to our fans,” she said.

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