BTS Shares What They’d Like To Do Together, Their Goals For The Future, And Much More In “2017 BTS Festa” Profiles

As part of their “2017 BTS Festa” fourth anniversary celebrations, BTS has shared their own handwritten profiles with fans that give some insight into their dreams, goals, and more.

On June 5 at midnight KST, the group released a series of profile pages with questions that each of the guys answered personally. When asked what their goals are for 2017 and 2018, many of the members wrote that they’d like to finish up their current tour without anyone getting injured.

Rap Monster expressed his desire to keep making music, and Jungkook said his goal is for “endless growth.” J-Hope answered that his goal is, “Becoming a singer that is recognized by the world,” while Jimin wrote that he hopes they’ll be successful with everything they want to do and added, “Let’s be happy.”

When asked what BTS would like to do together this year, Rap Monster wrote that he’d like to go skiing together, Suga said he wants to become even better artists together, and Jin wrote that he’d like to watch a movie together with all of his fellow members.

J-Hope expressed that he wants to perform songs together with his groupmates without anyone getting injured this year as well, while Jimin wrote that he wants to play computer games together. V said he wants to travel, while Jungkook wrote that he wants to keep running together with the others long into the future.

The guys were also asked to pick which of their songs they think describes them as “BTS.” Rap Monster wrote that the Korean version of their name is best described with their debut song “No More Dream,” while “Fire” is the best for “BTS.”

Suga, Jin, and V also chose “Fire,” while J-Hope picked “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” Jimin wrote “Not Today,” and Jungkook chose his solo song from “Wings” entitled “Begin.”

The members also created a hilarious drawing for the question titled: “BTS is one! Combine the members’ best features to create the ‘perfect visual’ (…?).” The guys drew a person with Jin’s shoulders, J-Hope’s nose, V’s symmetrical face, Jungkook’s eyes, Suga’s big hands, Jimin’s abs, and Rap Monster’s body.

BTS had plenty more to say in their profiles, which you can check out here! This is all part of the group’s annual celebrations of their June 13 anniversary, which will include a “Home Party” celebration with their fans on the big day and many more daily releases.