SISTAR Shares Their Love And Thanks After Final Performance Together

SISTAR has sadly now parted ways after seven amazing years together.

The popular queens of summer wrapped up their time together as a group with their final music show performance of their hit song “Lonely” and a special medley on “Inkigayo” on June 4. Their disbandment was announced late last month, and the members soon after shared handwritten letters to their fans.

After SISTAR’s performance on “Inkigayo,” Bora uploaded a photo of the group to her Instagram and wrote in English, “We the b.e.s.t sistar.” She added in Korean, “This has been SISTAR” and the hashtag “I love you, SISTAR.”

Hyorin shared a collage of all the members with the caption, “I was happy, SISTAR.” She also shared screenshots of herself singing and included the hashtag “thanks” in the caption.

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행복했다 씨스타

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#thanks ??

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Soyou also posted a photo of the group with the caption, “I love you. Thank you.”

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사랑해❤️ 고마워❤️

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Dasom wrote on her Instagram that although she’d hoped she could leave with a smile, she had regrets about her performance that day. “I did my best but I’ve always been lacking, and it was my three members that made up for what I lacked,” she wrote.

“I’ve grown up with my members since meeting them at 18 until now at 25,” Dasom went on to say. “I want to become a better person in the future based on all the things I learned during that time. Please watch over me.”

“And to my members! I love you,” she wrote, before adding her fellow members’ names as hashtags. “We’re having dinner right now, but I’ll upload more photos a little later.”

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We’ll miss you, SISTAR!