TWICE’s Tzuyu And Sana Explain How They Feel About SISTAR’s Disbandment

On June 4, TWICE’s Tzuyu and Sana held a live broadcast on V Live titled “TWICE Sana Tzuyu X LieV.”

When it was Sana’s turn to recommend a summer song, she chose SISTAR’s “Loving U,” saying that summer is SISTAR’s season. The “LieV” broadcast was held on the day SISTAR had their final music show performance on “Inkigayo,” leading the two TWICE members to naturally talk about SISTAR’s disbandment.

Sana explained, “This week was also our last week [promoting with ‘Signal‘], and we got a chance to promote at the same time as SISTAR. It was really nice to see them perform their songs in real life.”

Tzuyu commented, “SISTAR’s fans must feel very sad, and I am sad too. I really respected them as our seniors,” and thanked SISTAR for their activities until now. She then added, “We will become great like SISTAR.”

Are you also sad about SISTAR’s disbandment?

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