Lee Si Young Disguises Herself As A Police Officer In New Preview Stills Of “Lookout”

Lee Si Young is about to engage in a dangerous chase to capture a sexual predator in the upcoming episode of MBC’s drama “Lookout.”

On June 5, the production team of “Lookout” released new stills of Cho Su Ji, played by Lee Si Young, disguised as a police officer to keep an eye on sexual predator Lee Jang Soo (Kwon Jae Won).

In one of the photos, Cho Su Ji looks anxious as she tries to hide her face underneath a cap. Another photo shows policemen patrolling a narrow street, while an officer calls a nervous Cho Su Ji from behind.

Cho Su Ji will be facing a threatening situation as the police and prosecution close in on her in the upcoming ninth and tenth episodes.

“Lookout” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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