Apink To Appear On Variety Show “Ask Us Anything”

Apink will soon be appearing on the hit JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything”!

A source from JTBC said on June 5, “Apink’s appearance on ‘Ask Us Anything’ has been confirmed. Filming will take place on June 8.” Their episode of the show is planned to air in late June.

“Ask Us Anything” is a show that takes place on a classroom set, with guests introducing themselves to the “class” of cast members as transfer students. The combination of the cast of variety veterans and the informal way everyone speaks to each other usually leads to plenty of hilarious moments as the members and guests tease each other and play games. The regular cast includes Kang Ho Dong, Kim Heechul, Lee Soo Geun, and more.

Meanwhile, Apink is currently preparing to make a comeback on June 26. Their new album will be their first release since they shared their special album for fans “Dear” last December.

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