Tzuyu And Sana Reveal Where They Want To Go Most With Fellow TWICE Members In The Summer

During their LieV broadcast through V Live on June 4, TWICE’s Tzuyu and Sana looked back on their recent promotions with “Signal” and their various variety show appearances.

As they moved on to the topic of “summer,” Tzuyu commented how the season made her think of patbingsoo (shaved ice with red beans) and sweat. “I tend to sweat more than the other members in the summer,” she explained.

Sana chimed in that she thinks it’s because Tzuyu exercises diligently, and will often do so in their living room alone. She then shared that summer reminds her of “vacations,” and expressed, “I wish all the members could go on a vacation together.”

As for where they would like to go, Tzuyu chose a water park, while Sana named a swimming pool. “I want to rent out a whole swimming pool between the nine of us, and eat lots of yummy things as well as relax comfortably,” Sana explained.

During the broadcast, the girls also revealed their thoughts on SISTAR’s recent disbandment.

Where are some of your favorite places to visit in the summer?

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