FTISLAND And Fans Celebrate 10th Anniversary With Cute And Heartfelt Messages

FTISLAND is celebrating their 10-year anniversary!

On June 7, the band’s agency FNC Entertainment posted on Twitter, saying, “FTISLAND, congratulations on your 10-year anniversary!”

The members also celebrated their 10th anniversary and expressed thanks to the fans as they each posted on their Instagram accounts.

Lee Hong Ki:

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Lee Hong Ki posted a picture of their newest release “Wind” with the caption,” #Start. Please listen to it a lot.”

Lee Jae Jin:

Lee Jae Jin posted a picture with a caption that said, “Primadonnas, thank you for always supporting the FTISLAND members.”

Choi Jong Hun:

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네. 오늘입니다. 6/7 고생많았습니다.

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In the caption, he wrote, “Yes. It’s today. 6/7 We all worked hard.”

Choi Minhwan:

Minhwan uploaded an adorable video of his dog, with a post that said, “6/7 I’m so thankful for everyone and I love you all. Fighting!! I’m getting sleepy…bye.”

Song Seung Hyun:

Song Seung Hyun posted a longer message on his Instagram, saying, “FTISLAND’s 10th anniversary. It’s really hard to be active for this long as a band, and I think we should take pride in that! I came in two years later, so for me it’s eight years, but I feel just as grateful and happy as my members who have been active for 10 years. I want to live my life as a member [of this band] for a long time. It might be really hard and tiring as we start our album promotions but we’re going to try harder together. I love Primadonnas, who always believe in us and give us strength. They are like our family.”

Fans also celebrated the band’s 10-year anniversary with posts of illustrations and heartfelt messages on social media:

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary FTISLAND!

Check out their new MV for “Wind” below:

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