“Age Of Youth 2” Reveals Newest Additions To Main Cast, Park Hye Soo Drops Out

JTBC’s “Age of Youth 2” has confirmed its five main cast members!

Actresses Ji Woo and Choi Ara will be joining three of the original cast members from the first season, Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, and Park Eun Bin.

Park Hye Soo was supposed to return for the second season, but she had to withdraw from the drama due to scheduling conflicts. Her character Eun Jae will be played by Ji Woo instead.

The story of “Age of Youth 2” will take place a year from where the first season left off. Han Ye Ri’s character Jin Myung lands a job, Han Seung Yeon’s character Ye Eun finishes taking a break from school, Park Eun Bin’s character Ji Won is still single, and Ji Woo’s character Eun Jae goes through a painful breakup. Choi Ara will be playing the role of Jo Eun, the new housemate who moves in after Ryu Hwayoung‘s character moves out of the share house.

“Age of Youth 2” is planning on airing its first episode in late August.

Are you excited for the second season?

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