Park Shin Hye Adorably Shows Support For FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki

Actress Park Shin Hye demonstrated her cute friendship with Lee Hong Ki by promoting FTISLAND’s new music.

On June 7, she posted two screenshots to her Instagram, one showing her text message conversation with Lee Hong Ki and the other showing a proof shot of her streaming FTISLAND’s title track “Wind.”

In the conversation on the left, Lee Hong Ki messaged Park Shin Hye, saying, “Please love [our new album], Ms. Shin Hye,” to which Park Shin Hye replied, “Hehehe so cute.”

In the caption, she wrote, “I will give [your album] lots of love. #Hong star #10 year anniversary #Congrats, buddy #Ask Us Anything #I enjoyed watching your episode.”

Meanwhile, you can check out the music video for FTISLAND’s latest track “Wind” here.

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