DAY6 Shares How Park Jin Young Reacted To Their Music

It seems like Park Jin Young has nothing but love for DAY6!

During the showcase for their first studio album “Sunrise,” DAY6 shared how the founder of JYP Entertainment had reacted to their music.

Wonpil expressed, “Park Jin Young really likes it whenever we have him listen to our self-composed songs. Because he always says he likes our songs, we often wonder whether our songs are actually good. Park Jin Young just really likes us.”

He further continued, “During one of our meetings, he even told us he was waiting for our music and asked us why we didn’t hurry and bring him more of our songs.”

Upon hearing DAY6’s title track “I Smile,” Park Jin Young was really amazed that such good music could come out of them. “It’s a bit embarrassing to say this myself, but he really likes us and supports us a lot. We’re really thankful that he genuinely likes us,” Wonpil added.

Meanwhile, you can check out the music video for “I Smile” here!

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