DAY6’s Jae Makes Comeback Day Even Better By Returning To Twitter

Does Twitter suddenly seem like a better place today? It’s because DAY6’s Jae is back!

The guys of DAY6 deactivated their personal social media accounts in early 2016, opting to use their group Instagram to communicate with fans instead. Jae’s famously hilarious Twitter, featuring his long witty hashtags and plenty of memes, was unfortunately one of the accounts that was deactivated at the time.

However, the sad times are over because Jae reactivated his account following DAY6’s comeback on June 7! Jae surprised fans by suddenly tweeting a photo of himself and the caption, “I’m home.”

He also shared a few other photos from behind-the-scenes of DAY6’s photo shoot on the group’s Instagram (be sure to swipe through the album), adding in the caption, “#YeaIEditedTheChin #BoysGottaEat.”

When a fan asked Jae if it was hard to get his Twitter back, he replied, “Fought a dragon.” He’s really back, you guys!

Not only can we look forward to new tweets from Jae in the future, his archive of former tweets is now available to enjoy once again.

Meanwhile, DAY6 made their comeback on June 7 with their new album “Sunrise,” as well as released the music video for their title track “I Smile.” The day was also even more special because DAY6 announced their official fan club name.

So glad to have you back, Jae!