Watch: Eddy Kim Channels Old-School Vibes In Teaser For Upcoming Comeback With “Heart Pound”

After announcing his comeback just last week, Eddy Kim has revealed a sneak peak of his upcoming music video for title track “Heart Pound”!

Released on June 8 KST, the video features the singer-songwriter looking dazed and accompanied by a headache as he finds himself in the midst of a much more vibrant atmosphere. While the whole video giving a 90s-sitcom vibe, a part of his new track plays in the background.

“Heart Pound” is set to be released on June 9, and will mark Eddy Kim’s first comeback in over a year. His agency has stated that he will be showcasing a new sound this time around, which can already be seen in the teaser alone.

Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for the full song!