NCT’s Mark And His Fan Parc Jae Jung Meet For The First Time Ahead Of New Variety Show Together

NCT’s Mark and singer Parc Jae Jung have met for the first time for the new music variety program “Snowball Project” (literal translation)!

It was previously confirmed that this new music variety show will be a Mystic Entertainment and SM Entertainment collaboration. It’s thanks to Parc Jae Jung from Mystic, who is a huge fan of NCT’s Mark, that the project was able to come to life. Its title comes from the idea that even something small (Parc Jae Jung’s appreciation for Mark) can grow into a big project.

On June 8, “Snowball Project” revealed an interview of the two artists who recently had their first encounter with each other.

Parc Jae Jung explained, “I started liking NCT’s Mark since last August or September. I didn’t think this would grow into such a big project. But I don’t want this relationship to end as a business relationship. I hope [my relationship] with Mark will last for a long time.”

Mark said, “When I first heard that he liked me, I wasn’t sure if he was saying it just for TV purposes. But I met him in real life, and he really was interested in me (laughs). The first episode felt like a fan meeting. I was really thankful because NCT is only a rookie, and we’re not famous yet, but even then he still liked us,” and continued, “I’m a shy person, but because Parc Jae Jung reached his hand out to me first, we were able to get all the way here despite all of the obstacles.”

Parc Jae Jung also described why he became a fan of Mark, saying, “When I first listened to NCT’s music and saw Mark, I was surprised that there was a rapper like him in SM. It wasn’t a rap style I was expecting from SM. I like his voice tone, and also his pure heart. I definitely wanted to work with Mark.”

Meanwhile, Mystic Entertainment’s producer Yoon Jong Shin and SM Entertainment’s Henry will be joining the show as producers.

“Snowball Project” will begin airing in July. Will you watch this all-new music variety show?

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