More Details About Final Challenge For “Produce 101 Season 2” Reportedly Revealed

As the anticipation for the final June 16 broadcast of “Produce 101 Season 2” rises, reported details of the episode’s format continue to be revealed by unnamed industry sources.

Sources have already claimed that the next broadcast will see the elimination of 15, rather than 13, trainees from the show, leaving 20 contestants instead of 22 like in this first season.

According to an industry source, these remaining 20 trainees will be facing off in another team battle for the last episode set to air on June 16. They will be splitting off into two groups of 10, and the winning team will be receiving benefit votes, which will be combined with final voting results to ultimately determine who will be the final 11 who will make up the new project boy group. Ryan Jhun and The Underdogs will be reportedly producing the final two tracks that will be used in this challenge.

While Mnet has yet to confirm the format of the upcoming challenge, there has been an overall negative response online to potentially allowing a benefit to be given in the final round, citing that the show was marketed as an individual competition, not a team competition. Many netizens are calling for the benefit to be removed altogether, as all 10 members of the winning team would be receiving it, and it may alter the results in a way that many appear to deem unfair.

What are your thoughts on this supposed format?

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