KittiB Opens Up About Her Lawsuit Against Black Nut And His Lyrics

Last month, KittiB sued rapper Black Nut for violating one of the special acts regarding sexual crime and defamation (using mass media to communicate lewd acts or obscenities).

Prior to KittiB’s legal actions, Black Nut released songs that made sexual remarks about KittiB. His songs included obscene lyrics such as, “Not KittiB this time, I won’t **** her even if you give it to me,” and “Honestly I ****** off to KittiB’s photos.”

In an interview with News1, KittiB stated, “He is always acting absurdly. I regret not reacting sooner.”

To the question of how she felt as she sued Black Nut, she answered, “I thought I was a pretty positive person, but I guess I did get stressed out from [Black Nut’s lyrics]. I lost sleep and suffered from extreme stress. I had to halt the preparation of my album.” She confessed that she needed a lot of courage to sue him.

She said, “I hope immoral lyrics and actions are no longer tolerated under the name of ‘hip hop.’ And I hope that laws pertaining to sexual crime are further enforced. I hope we can live in a society where victims can feel confident.”

Lastly, KittiB thanked her fans and others who encouraged her, saying “I will try harder to become a musician who puts out better music and a better message. I gained more responsibility through this incident. Please look forward to my future albums.”

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