BTS Is The Perfect Family In Heartwarming And Funny Photos For “2017 BTS Festa”

BTS is updating their family photo album with some great new shots for this year!

As part of the group’s “2017 BTS Festa” celebrations that are leading up to their fourth anniversary on June 13, BTS has released their annual set of “family photos.” The photos, which were shared via BTS’s Facebook page on June 10 at midnight KST, feature a combination of both hilarious shots (with the guys looking way too serious or showing off their swag) as well as sweet photos of them laughing and enjoying time together.

Check them out below!

BTS began “2017 BTS Festa” with an opening ceremony skit that included the guys saying they were headed off to take photos (which may have been these images!). They then released a set of photos of meaningful moments from their amazing past year, before sharing Jungkook and Jimin’s new cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

They also released a self-filmed video of a performance of “Wings” from their recent concert tourtalked about their dreams and goals in handwritten profiles, and shared two dance practice videos: one for “Not Today,” and another for “I Like It Part 2.”

Most recently, Rap Monster and V gifted fans with a beautiful ballad entitled “4 O’Clock” yesterday.

BTS still has lots more planned for “2017 BTS Festa,” so be sure to check out their schedule to see what’s up next!