June Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

TWICE has maintained first place as the girl group with the highest brand reputation rankings in June!

The Korean Business Research Institute looked at interaction, media, communication, and community indexes of 75,483,120 pieces of big data from May 8 to June 9 to analyze the brand reputation of girl groups. This is a 29.01 percent increase from the 58,510,577 pieces of big data analyzed for the May ranking.

TWICE came out on top with a total brand reputation score of 12,906,301, a 59.89 percent increase from their score of 8,071,736 last month.

Lovelyz took second place with a brand reputation score of 9,250,429, an impressive 282.43 percent rise from the previous month’s score of 2,418,853.

Third place went to Red Velvet, whose brand reputation score rose 31.39 percent from 4,502,995 to 5,916,306 this month.

Goo Chang Wan, head of the Korean Business Research Institute, commented regarding TWICE’s ranking, “They have been maintaining first place in girl group brand reputation rankings for eight consecutive months since last November. With TWICE’s success on music charts and 10 music show wins with ‘Signal,’ they recorded a dominant brand reputation score.” He added that “Thankful,” “Anticipation,” and “Pretty” ranked high for the link analysis of TWICE’s brand, while “Japan,” “Signal,” and “Debut” ranked high for their keyword analysis. The positivity-negativity analysis showed 86.11 percent positive reactions for TWICE.

Check out the top 20 below:

  1. TWICE
  2. Lovelyz
  3. Red Velvet
  4. Cosmic Girls
  5. Apink
  7. APRIL
  8. Girls’ Generation
  9. Oh My Girl
  11. T-ara
  13. AOA
  14. LABOUM
  17. Stellar
  18. Girl’s Day
  19. EXID
  20. WANNA.B

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