Kim Heechul Is Taken Aback By Having To Share Living Space With Hyperactive GFRIEND Members

On June 9, Kim Heechul met his housemates for the first time on MBC’s variety show “Cheeky Cohabitation – Vacancy.”

At first, Kim Heechul was disappointed to find out that his housemate was GFRIEND’s Yerin, as they are friends, with Yerin and Kim Heechul appearing together in his project band M&D’s “I Wish” MV in 2015. However, Kim Heechul soon realized that he was actually sharing his living space with all six GFRIEND members.

Kim Heechul, flabbergasted by the appearance of all six hyperactive GFRIEND members, remarked, “There’s not enough space for all of us.”

But GFRIEND members were unfazed. They cheerfully answered, “Our place is the size of the kitchen here,” and bombarded Kim Heechul with questions such as, “Where is your room?”

Kim Heechul, exhausted by the members’ energy, asked, “Are you guys trying to steal my room too?” To his question, the GFRIEND members offered 50 thousand won (approximately $44) as a room rental fee, and Kim Heechul was once again taken aback.

MBC’s variety show  “Cheeky Cohabitation – Vacancy” airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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