SISTAR Releases Last Pictorial Together For Cosmopolitan Magazine

SISTAR released their last pictorial together as a group in the recent issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

During the interview of the photo shoot, the members each shared their thoughts on the question, “Do you agree with the opinion that SISTAR has reached its peak?”

Hyorin jokingly asked, “Are you talking about our age?” While Dasom answered, “I hope I reach my peak three years later. No, actually I want to reach my peak at 35.”

Bora questioned, “Do you only reach your peak once? It might have passed but it can come again.” Hyorin added, ” I think that you reach your peak when you feel satisfied and happy with your work and life.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR is wrapping up their career as a group after promoting their new song “Lonely.”

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