Former Girl Group Member Who Is Known For Her Popular Blog Impresses On “King of Masked Singer”

In the most recent episode of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” the identity of “Flood of Music, Oasis of My Heart” was revealed to be a former idol girl group member who is well known for running a successful blog.

The first round featured a singing battle between “Today’s Leading Lady, Desert Fox” and “Flood of Music, Oasis of My Heart.” The two performed Lee Eun Mi’s hit track “I Have a Lover” and showcased their talents as vocalists. “Desert Fox” was praised for the strong control she had over her voice while “Oasis” was applauded for her beautiful vocal tone.


Though both singers wowed, “Desert Fox” came out victorious and moved on to the next round with a score of 57 to 42. “Oasis” performed Park Hae Kyung’s “Cast A Spell” and took off her mask to reveal it was Jisook, a former member of idol group Rainbow.

Jisook said, “This is the first time I’ve performed a whole song by myself. The camera was set on me for the whole thing. Though I was nervous, I had fun. I got to use the whole stage by myself.”

She concluded with, “Today was a day I got to show the followers of my blog that I’m actually a singer. I will continue to work hard to improve my life and my music.”

Jisook was formerly a member of the popular girl group Rainbow, who disbanded in 2016 after their contract with DSP Media expired. Jisook currently runs a popular blog that she began in 2013, now boasting over 170,000 followers.

Catch the latest episode of “King of Masked Singer” below!

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