Seungjae Adorably Worries That His Father Go Ji Yong Has Turned Into A Figurine

Seungjae cried in concern for his father Go Ji Yong in a cute hoax that was prepared for the child.

In the latest episode of “The Return Of Superman,” Seungjae’s father Go Ji Yong shared that Seungjae was starting to rebel against him more often. After consulting with a professional, Go Ji Yong realized Seungjae was experiencing toddler puberty.

As a solution, Go Ji Yong conjured up an endearing hoax where he tricked Seungjae into believing that he turned into a figurine. When Seungjae found out that his father turned into a small figurine, he burst into tears and promised to protect him.

However, Seungjae breaks the father figurine’s arm by mistake, and cries in worry until one of the production staff helps Seungjae put on a cast for the figurine.

Seungjae’s adorable day with his small father comes to an end when Go Ji Yong pretends to return to his normal self, and Seungjae finally shows a big smile of relief.

Watch the latest episode below!

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