2AM Looks Back On Their Trainee Days With Backstage Photos At 2PM’s Concert

On June 12, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Jeong Jinwoon uploaded photos of them with the 2PM members at their concert “6Nights.”

Jo Kwon wrote, “Our trainee days, ‘Hot Blood Men’ (pre-debut reality show with 2PM), and #2am #2pm. They are family that I’ve spent my teens and my 20s with. We are family. I’ll always cheer you on.”

Jinwoon also reminisced about the past, saying, “#2pm #2am They’ve worked so hard until the last concert. As the concert neared its end, more and more of our memories together came to my mind. You’ve all worked so hard!”

Upon seeing the pictures, many fans expressed their joy at seeing the 2PM and 2AM members together, as all of them had spent their trainee days together.

Meanwhile, “6Nights” is 2PM’s final concert before the members will begin enlisting in the army to complete their mandatory service.

Are you happy to see One Day (2AM and 2PM) together?

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