Micky Jung And Harisu Announce Divorce After 10 Years Of Marriage

Pop singer Harisu and rapper Micky Jung have decided to part ways after 10 years of marriage.

Micky Jung took to Instagram to speak about the divorce, saying that, contrary to the news reports, the divorce is not due to a failed business.

In an official statement, Harisu said, “The first news report talked about my husband’s business, but that’s not why [we’re divorcing], so please stop making ridiculous speculations. I’m not sure where people heard something like that, but during our married life, we cared for and loved each other. That’s the kind of couple we were. We’re still close, and we still support each other. From the beginning, our love had no base in money or expectations, which is why we are able to continue supporting each other and remain on good terms, so please refrain from making any hurtful comments!”

The couple, who were wed back in May 2007, made headlines, as theirs was the first marriage of a Korean transgender celebrity. Leading up to the big day, the two starred in their own Mnet reality television series, giving viewers an intimate look at their daily life.

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Top photo credit: Xportsnews