Former U-KISS Member AJ Signs With New Agency As A Solo Artist

Former U-KISS member AJ will be promoting under a new name!

On June 13, his agency Rooftop Company posted a statement on their official homepage that said, “AJ, who used to be active as a member of U-KISS and Paran, will be debuting as solo artist Siyoon. He has joined Rooftop Company as a new member of our family.”

Their official message continued, “Siyoon showcased his potential for music when he wrote lyrics and composed songs back when he was an idol member. He worked hard during his long break in order to find his own color.” The agency also added that he is planning to repay his fans’ love with new music.

Meanwhile, Siyoon previously debuted as AJ, a member of Paran, back in 2005. In 2011, he joined U-KISS as a new member.

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