Watch: SEVENTEEN Takes 4th Win For “Don’t Wanna Cry” On “The Show,” Performances By ASTRO, APRIL, KNK, And More

On the June 13 episode of “The Show,” SEVENTEEN took their fourth win for “Don’t Wanna Cry!”

The group was up against APRIL and ASTRO for first place this week and took the final crown with a score of 9400. Their speech was given by youngest member Dino, who thanked their fans Carats, and Wonwoo, who thanked their families and staff.

Watch SEVENTEEN’s win and performances below!

Other performers this week included APRIL, ASTRO, B.A.P’s Jongup, B.A.P’s Daehyun, B.I.G, KNK, ELRIS, MOMOLAND, 24K, MAP6, TopSecret, VERMUDA, and more.

Check out many of the performances below!

B.A.P’s Jongup – “Try My Luck”

B.A.P’s Daehyun – “Shadow”

ASTRO – “Baby”


KNK – “Sun.Moon.Star”

ELRIS – “We, First” (debut)

MOMOLAND – “Wonderful Love” (EDM Version)

TopSecret – “Mind Control” (comeback)

VERMUDA – “Dream Girl” (debut)

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN!

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