Update: UP10TION Releases Mysterious New Teaser Images For Comeback

Updated June 24 KST:

UP10TION has released more teaser images for their upcoming comeback! Each teaser image contains a phrase, which seems to be a verse from their upcoming release.

Check out the teaser images below:

Updated June 21 KST:

UP10TION has dropped their group start up teaser image for their comeback! The teaser also reveals “Stardom” as the title of their upcoming album.

Updated June 15 KST:

UP10TION has dropped warm up photo teaser images for Xiao, Sunyoul, and Jinhoo!

Updated June 14 KST:

UP10TION has now shared teaser images for Gyujin, Bitto, and Kuhn as they prepare for their return!


UP10TION has released their first teasers for their comeback!

On June 13, the group shared a set of “warm up photos” for their return, this time featuring the three members Wei, Hwanhee, and Kogyeol looking cool and casual with skateboards. According to their previously released comeback schedule, we’ll be getting more warm up photos for the next two days!

Although UP10TION has announced that their new release is due out on June 29, there have been no details yet of what they will be gifting us with on that day! The group’s comeback will be with only nine members this time as Wooshin is currently taking a break due to mental health concerns.

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