BTS Shares Adorable Childhood Photos On Their 4th Anniversary During “BTS Home Party” Event

When BTS hosted a special event with their fans to celebrate their fourth anniversary, some super cute childhood photos of the guys were revealed!

BTS’s fourth anniversary was on June 13, and they spent the evening performing, playing games, and more for fans at their “BTS Home Party” event, which was broadcast live via Naver’s V Live.

In a special segment during the show, the BTS members were each given “gifts” that turned out to be their own childhood photos. Jin was the first up to unwrap a photo from when he was four years old (in Korean age), and he amazed the others by bragging about how good-looking he was at that age.

“I was famous in my neighborhood for being really handsome,” boasted Jin. “There was a girl who was always following me around.”

“Even though you were four?” asked J-Hope, as Suga protested as well and Jungkook looked at him with a hilarious expression of disbelief. “It’s true!” insisted Jin.

Suga was up next, and he unwrapped a photo of his younger self at the beach. Despite the cuteness of the picture, Suga had a serious story from that day.

“This was the day that I almost drowned in the ocean,” he said. “I was floating on this tube, and it flipped over. I couldn’t breathe and I was flailing around. My dad rescued me. It was really scary.”

“Is that why you don’t join us when we go in the water?” asked Jimin, looking concerned.

“No, I just don’t feel like it,” explained Suga, which cracked up J-Hope. “What were you expecting?” joked Rap Monster.

As soon as Jimin unwrapped his photo, Rap Monster laughed and said, “You look exactly the same!” Jimin asked why they had to choose that photo, and then at J-Hope’s encouragement, reenacted the cute picture. The guys also complimented him on his fashion sense!

When Jungkook opened his own photo gift, he commented on how happy he looks in the photo and said that he probably still has that blanket. He also shared a story about how when he was three or four years old, he fought with a dog that was about the same size as him.

“You’ve been fierce since you were a kid!” said Rap Monster. When asked if he won the fight, Jungkook admitted, “It was a tie.”

In Rap Monster’s childhood photo, he was wearing a cap with a Mickey Mouse design. “I think I really liked Mickey Mouse then,” he explained, and also talked about his love for roller skating.

“I was shocked recently when I was looking at my old photos,” continued Rap Monster. “There were so many photos where I had a shirt on but nothing on my lower half.” Jungkook shared that he also has a photo like that hanging up in his home.

J-Hope was also complimented on his fashion sense as a child when his photo was revealed, although Rap Monster pointed out that he looked like he had a watermelon on his head. “Your mom really dressed you well!” said Jimin.

V was up last and showed a photo of himself from when he was not even five months old yet, with the guys pointing out that they wouldn’t even know if it was him or not.

J-Hope then noticed there was another photo underneath, and they all laughed when a second photo of V was revealed, this time with him completely naked (with a little illustration for modesty)! Although the photo initially cracked them up, Suga pointed out that they’ve all got a photo like this.

The guys then sent short messages to their younger selves, with Jin complimenting himself on his good looks, J-Hope telling himself to work hard at dancing, and V saying that his childhood self will be getting to have milk soon and he should have a lot.

Were you surprised by any of BTS’s childhood photos?