Watch: iKON Turns Their Car Into Hype Central As They Jam Out To “BLING BLING”

Dingo Studios is known for their innovative live jam sessions, and their latest featuring iKON does not disappoint!

Even before any music plays, the members are already noisy for the “VAN Live” segment. As the title suggests, this corner features artists singing one of their songs while sitting in a car, or in this case, a van.

At B.I’s prompting, and a not-so-sneaky PPL cameo, one of their newest title tracks, “BLING BLING,” begins playing. As one might expect from the energetic iKON, the members go as hard as they can as they jam out , barely held back by their seat belts.

Check out this fun take of “BLING BLING” below, as you headbang together with iKON!