Lee Je Hoon Reveals Just How Hard It Was To Memorize All Of The Japanese Lines In His New Movie

On June 14, Lee Je Hoon attended an interview about his upcoming movie “Anarchist from Colony” and talked about how difficult it was to take on the role of Park Yeol, a real life independent activist during Japan’s occupation over Korea.

Lee Je Hoon stated, “More than half of my lines were in Japanese. Because I had to act instead of simply saying the lines, this movie was a quite burdensome and difficult. I felt fortunate to have gotten the role, but it was a huge weight on my shoulders. I spent all day memorizing my lines.”

He explained just how hard he worked for this movie by sharing a story about a nightmare he had. “There is a trial scene that has many Japanese lines in it, and thankfully we were planning on filming it near the end of our filming schedule. I had enough time to memorize the lines and figure out how to express them. Then one day, I had a dream that I was filming that scene. The director yelled, ‘Action!’ and I completely blanked out. Everyone was staring at me. That moment lasted for about five seconds, but it felt like forever. I woke up from the dream, and tears came out of my eyes. I was extremely shaken up by this dream because that scene is the highlight of the movie, and it conveys an important message. From then on, I rehearsed my lines endlessly while I was on set.”

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“Anarchist from Colony” will premiere on June 28 KST.

How many of you are amazed by Lee Je Hoon’s dedication to acting?

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