Update: Fantagio Reveals Members Of New Actor Group SURPRISE U

Updated June 30 KST:

SURPRISE U has released new profile pictures for the idol-actor members:

Kim Hyun Seo:

Eun Hae Sung:

Yoon Jung Hyuk:

Cha In Ha:

Ji Gun Woo:

Original Article:

After announcing that they would be debuting another actor group like 5URPRISE, Fantagio has finally revealed the official members.

The new group SURPRISE U consists of five members, including Kim Hyun Seo, Yoon Jung Hyuk, Eun Hae Sung, Ji Gun Woo, and Cha In Ha. They are reportedly multi-talented entertainers who can sing, act, and dance.

Their short film project “Beginning” is currently being aired on Naver TV and V Live, where they have been garnering praise for their solid visuals and acting skills.

SURPRISE U’s debut showcase will be held on July 7.

Are you excited for this new actor group?

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