“Entertainment Weekly” Takes A Look At Current Drama Trends Based On First Half Of 2017

During the June 16 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” the show took a look at dramas that aired in the first half of 2017 to determine some current trends in the TV world.

“Office Dramas”

The first keyword was “office dramas.” Many of the dramas in the first half dealt with realistic situations that arise in the ordinary workforce, drawing in audiences who could relate to the material. In addition, viewers could live vicariously through the drama characters, who often had to deal with corrupt and unfair superiors.

The most notable example of this trend was “Chief Kim,” which hit viewership ratings of almost 20 percent during its run. Other trending office dramas in the first half of 2017 included “Radiant Office,” “Super Family 2017,” and “Introverted Boss.”

“Family Dramas”

The second keyword was “family dramas.” As a rule, family dramas are more common in morning or weekend dramas that have a much longer run than the miniseries that air on weekday evenings. Their longer runtime allows them to focus on more characters (such as an entire family) and more roller-coaster plots.

The most notable examples of this trend were “Father Is Strange” and “Laurel Tree Tailors,” both of which broke 30 percent in viewership ratings. The family squabbles and problems in these dramas also proved to be relatable as well as entertaining for viewers, especially in the story of four sisters in “Father Is Strange.”

Battle of the Generations

This particular trend lies among actresses in K-dramas. The first half of 2017 featured the return of several popular women from the ’90s, including Lee Young Ae in “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” pop star Uhm Jung Hwa in “You Are Too Much,” and Ko So Young in “Perfect Wife.”

However, the overall average of actresses in starring roles has been decreasing, with several former child stars like Kim So Hyun in “Ruler: Master of the Mask” rising to take their place in the drama world.

What other drama trends have you noticed from the first half of 2017?

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