5 Reasons You Should Watch “The King,” Starring Jo In Sung And Jung Woo Sung

When “The King” first announced its cast, people were seriously in awe of the two main actors who would be gracing the screen. Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung really don’t need much of an introduction; their movies, K-dramas, and pretty much any show that they come on is guaranteed to be a huge hit.

Just look.

We also can’t fail to mention the supporting cast of Ryu Jun Yeol and Bae Sung Woo.


If you’re looking for a good, solid movie to watch on an evening where you’re lounging around, look no further. This movie has got a lot of components to it that will make it worth the watch. Here are five:

1. The cast

Like I said, Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung are everything. Their works combined serve as a lethal reminder that they’ve been in the entertainment business for a heck of a long time. They’re not only amazing actors, but they’ve pretty much done it all in terms of TV and movies. I never thought the day would come when these two would be in a movie together, but it happened. And we’re thankful for it.

Jung Woo Sung plays a hotshot prosecutor by the name of Han Kang Sik who basically owns the city. Everyone knows who he is, and if you’re in his good books, you can look forward to living a life of total comfort. Kang Sik is the villain that we all love to hate, but also think is pretty darn cool.

Jo In Sung plays Park Tae Soo, a prosecutor who worked really hard to get where he is, and, by total luck, is able to make his way into Han Kang Sik’s circle of close prosecutors. Together, along with Bae Sung Woo’s character, they become unstoppable and are able to get whatever they want.

Park Tae Soo is an interesting character, and to say that he’s entertaining is an understatement. He really reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “Wolf of Wall Street” — charismatic, cocky, hard-working, at times naive, and really darn lucky. In the beginning of the movie, we are given the back story of Park Tae Soo. He’s kind of a gangster, having grown up in a rough situation at home. However, after an incident with his father, he realizes the power that a prosecutor can have and decides to dedicate his days to becoming one. His character has got a lot of comedic elements to him, and he narrates the whole movie. He’s goofy, and he makes a few mistakes that get him into trouble, but he’s overall a likable character.

2. Ryu Jun Yeol

And then there’s Ryu Jun Yeol. Yes, he deserves his own heading. He was that amazing in the movie. The ever-so-charming Ryu Jun Yeol plays Choi Doo Il, Tae Soo’s hometown friend. He likes to fight and doesn’t care about getting into any trouble. Although he doesn’t appear in the movie until a bit later, by the end of the movie, he becomes one of the main characters. His badass demeanor and craziness totally throw you off, especially considering the lovey dovey roles we’re used to seeing him in. He even confessed to having picked up smoking just for the role. Look at how gangster he looks!

Can you feel the charisma?

3. The humor

I really wasn’t expecting this movie to be so comedic. The story itself could have gone pretty deep in that it involves the corrupted world of prosecutors, the justice system, and lawyers in general, but there’s slap-stick humor in it that will have you chuckling sporadically throughout. I was surprised to find that from the beginning of the movie, Park Tae Soo’s character is pretty funny despite the challenges and life problems he faces. I mean, take a look at his tacky clothes:

Amazing, isn’t it?

You’ve also got his narrative in the background that showcases a lot of the inner thoughts he has about everyone he encounters and the life he is living; we discover that he has a really laid back and nonchalant perspective on the world (more about this later).

Seeing the dance scene of this trio was also hilarious and reminded me a bit of that epic “Pulp Fiction” dance scene. I mean, when else would we be able to see Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung busting a move?!

4. The story

“The King” is about a poor country boy by the name of Park Tae Soo who dreams of becoming a prosecutor. He’s naive, childish, and has a bit of a temper that gets him into fights, but once he sets his mind on becoming a prosecutor, he actually does it. This eventually gets him into a high-profile circle of prosecutors. Everyone respects them and every prosecutor wants to be a part of this group, mainly because of Han Kang Sik. He’s got a lot of connections and a lot of power, and anyone who’s lucky enough to be a part of his crew is able to reap the benefits.

Just when Tae Soo thinks he’s invincible, he discovers that Han Kang Sik is not all he’s cracked up to be. He gets to a point where he has to fend for himself. Ironically, uses what he learned from Kang Sik against him.

This story has so many elements to it that make it, overall, a joy to watch. It’s got comedy, betrayal, revenge, crime, and even bromance. There’s all these elements that tie in flawlessly together to bring a pretty perfect storyline. You won’t have a second to be bored.

5. The narrative

Hearing Jo In Sung’s voice for the full movie is pretty awesome. Not only does his narrative provide a lot of insight into the mind of his hilarious character, but it also helps you understand the story. The story’s powerfully effective narration also kept me invested in his character, and at times when I should have been questioning his intentions, I found myself sympathizing and understanding why he was doing what he was doing. I especially loved his narrative and perspective on the different characters we were introduced to as the movie went on. The narrative made it especially effective in making things less confusing when the story had to talk about the history or background of a character. 

You can get a glimpse of this in the trailer:

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