Watch: “Produce 101 Season 2” Trainees Prepare Something For Kim Jong Hyun’s Birthday During Recording Session

Before the finale of “Produce 101 Season 2” aired on June 16, Mnet revealed a video of the trainees recording their debut mission songs, “Hands on Me” and “Super Hot.”

The “Super Hot” team joined producer Ryan Jhun in the recording studio to record their various parts. Although most of the trainees received praise for their hard work, the atmosphere turned tense when Ryan Jhun appeared dissatisfied with Kim Jong Hyun’s rap.

Kim Jong Hyun repeated his part multiple times, to the producer’s growing dissatisfaction, while the other trainees looked concerned. However, as soon as Kim Jong Hyun headed to the studio to record again, all the trainees broke out into smiles and Ryan Jhun scolded them for almost making him laugh. The scenario turned out to be a hidden camera prank that the “Super Hot” team had planned for Kim Jong Hyun’s birthday on June 8.

Meanwhile, the “Hands on Me” team recorded their parts with producer Deez. Although all the trainees received their fair share of praise, Deez picked Ong Sung Woo, Hwang Min Hyun, Jung Se Woon, Joo Hak Nyeon, and Park Ji Hoon as trainees who had caught his eye.