Lee Hyori Reveals Why She Decided To Appear On Variety Shows Again

Lee Hyori shared her honest thoughts on why she decided to go on variety shows again.

On the June 17 broadcast of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” Lee Hyori appeared as a guest. When asked, “Why did you decide to return to broadcasting again?” Lee Hyori answered, “It’ll become serious if I say it. Is that okay?”

Lee Hyori said, “While I wasn’t working, I did a lot of yoga. For three years, I got up at dawn every day and found inner peace. While meditating, I changed a lot.”

She explained, “While I was finding inner peace, I left everything that is worldly and I didn’t feel like just meditating was real yoga for me. I realized that for me, real yoga would be to show myself to my fans and gift them with good music.”

When further pressed by the “Infinite Challenge” members, she finally admitted with a laugh, “I was afraid of being forgotten.”

Catch up with Lee Hyori in the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” below!

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