Akdong Musician’s Lee Soohyun Explains Why She Wouldn’t Want Her Brother To Date PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung

Akdong Musician’s Lee Soohyun and Lee Chanhyuk are definitely real life siblings and they’re not afraid to show it!

On the June 17 broadcast of MBC’s “Oppa Thinking,” Akdong Musician and Kyulkyung appeared as guests. During the episode, Kyulkyung said, “I’m the oldest in my family, so I wish I had an older brother.” At that, Lee Soohyun asked right away, “Do you want to take him?”

Also, when asked, “What if your brother dated Kyulkyung?,” she made the whole studio burst into laughter by mischievously saying, “Of course I disapprove. She deserves someone better.”

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