“Produce 101 Season 2” Top 20 Contestants Answer Fans’ Burning Questions

Before the final eleven members of the “Produce 101 Season 2” boy group Wanna One were chosen in the live finale on June 16, the top 20 trainees sat down to answer some questions from fans!

In a video uploaded by Mnet before the finale, the trainees were first asked which fellow contestant they’d want to introduce to their sister (whether real or hypothetical). Park Ji Hoon chose Lai Guan Lin or Bae Jin Young, while Hwang Min Hyun was chosen by four of the trainees.

Jung Se Woon was a popular choice as well, while Ong Sung Woo seemed to be the best option in the mind of many of the trainees. “He has a great sense of humor, and he always makes the atmosphere really cheerful, so I think he has everything that women want in a boyfriend,” said Bae Jin Young about Ong Sung Woo.

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The trainees were then each asked questions that fans had been hoping to find out the answers to. Kang Daniel was asked if he changed his name from Kang Eui Geon because he had a hard time pronouncing it, but he replied that it was actually because other people (including his father!) pronounced it incorrectly.

Kang Dong Ho was asked why he smiled so much in a photo with the teddy bear gift he was given (but not with his other gifts), and he laughed and said, “I guess I was just really happy. I was happy when I got the other things too but… I thought it was a bit weird too. I was like, ‘Why am I only smiling like that in this photo?'”.

When asked whether he’s more scared of bugs or ghosts, Kim Samuel picked ghosts, and explained that he was always having to hear the other guys tell ghost stories. “As soon as I hear them, I imagine it,” he said. He also said that Yoon Ji Sung is the best at telling ghost stories.

Kim Jae Hwan showed off his vocal range at fans’ request, and also explained that the ring he wears is a rosary ring that he received from his church after seven years of volunteer service. He also shared that his Christian name (a name given to him at baptism) is Mario.

When asked why he’s always wearing long-sleeved shirts even in hot weather, Kim Jong Hyun replied that he doesn’t like short-sleeve shirts. He explained, “Since I have a small frame, I worked out a lot, but it wasn’t easy. So as sort of a temporary strategy, I ended up liking long-sleeved shirts.”

Lai Guan Lin’s questions were focused on his study of the Korean language, and he revealed that the word he most recently learned was for “calendar.”

When it was mentioned to Park Woo Jin that his personality seems to have changed compared to when we first saw him in the early stages of the show, he replied, “I’m usually a bit shy at first, but when I get close to someone, I totally change. At first, I was really shy and cautious, but I think my real self has come out now that I’m closer with the older guys and everyone here.”

Park Ji Hoon was asked why he always wears fluorescent shoelaces even though he likes black. “I thought about how I could make myself stand out among the 101 trainees, and decided on my shoelaces,” he explained. “Now that I’ve done it, I like it!”

Bae Jin Young was asked if it’s true that he dislikes shrimp, and he replied, “I’m allergic to shrimp. If I eat it, something breaks out on my tongue or it swells up, and it stings and gets itchy. That’s why I can’t eat shrimp.”

Ahn Hyung Seob was completely thrown by his first question, which was “What is your favorite phase of the moon?” He ended up going with the full moon. He was also asked about his famous gesture that he made using a rose during a performance, and he said that he decided to do it because he was trying to think of something unique to do that hadn’t been done before.

Ong Sung Woo was next up, and he was given the question, “Which trainee has the taste buds of a little kid?” He replied, “It’s me! I really have the taste buds of a little kid. I like sweet and salty foods, ham, instant food, hamburgers, pizza, and spaghetti.”

Yoo Seon Ho was also asked about his food tastes, and had to choose between pizza and chicken. “But I love them both so much!” he protested, before eventually choosing pizza. He also said that out of all the charms of the other trainees, he’d most like to have Park Woo Jin’s dancing skill and Hwang Min Hyun’s vocal tone.

Yoon Ji Sung told a hilarious story about how he had recently gone to see his fan support poster in a subway station with his sibling, but Ahn Hyung Seob’s fan poster also happened to be in the same station. “We quickly rushed past Ahn Hyung Seob’s poster,” he said. “Someone took a photo of the poster and uploaded it with the caption ‘I saw Ahn Hyung Seob’s photo today.’ But in the photo, she had captured two of us rushing past!”

Yoon Ji Sung burst out laughing, and added, “That person didn’t know [we were in the photo] either. They’d written in their post, ‘Yoon Ji Sung is nearby too,’ and they’d meant my poster. But she had taken a photo of us whooshing past!”

Lee Dae Hwi was asked what his English name is, and he shared that it’s David. He also talked about how he likes the nickname that some Korean fans use for him (which is a play on a word for a “lovable cutie”) because he sees people who call him that and say things such as, “I didn’t like him at first but after seeing him for a while, he’s adorable.”

When asked about his “killer aegyo,” Im Young Min laughed and explained that it wasn’t “killer aegyo” but that he had tried to do aegyo once because his agency had asked him to. But when he tried to act cute for the viewers in this video, he ended up just laughing at himself and apologized to everyone watching.

Joo Hak Nyeon also had a funny story to tell, as he talked about how he once tried to ride a pig at his family’s pig farm. “I was 6 or 7 years old, and the pig was about four times my size,” he said. “I tried to get up on its back, but it was way faster than I’d expected. I got on its back but it just suddenly shot off!” He added, “Please don’t try to ride pigs.”

Choi Min Ki told a cute story about how he’s become known as the “General Rabbit” because he once posed with his hands above his head like rabbit ears, and Bae Jin Young and Park Ji Hoon thought it was so cute that they adopted the pose too. They since became the “Associate Rabbits” to Choi Min Ki’s “General Rabbit”!

Ha Sung Woon was asked about the secret to his flawless skin, and he admitted, “I don’t have a specific thing that I do to take care of my skin. I think I just look more pale on the screen, which has that effect. The oil on my face kind of shines, so it’s probably thanks to that.” He also shared that the favorite of his many hair colors over his time on the show was the orange hair he had during the “Show Time” performance.

Hwang Min Hyun shared how amazed he was when their concept challenge song “Never” topped the charts, and also talked about how he prefers to stay at home even when he has days off. “Even when I do go out, I’d rather just be on my own, so I’ll go see movies alone or go out to eat by myself,” he added.

Lastly, Jung Se Woon gave some tips on how to make the perfect ramyun, including adding the noodles and soup mix at the same time, and lifting the noodles out of the water a few times so that they become more firm due to the effect of the cold air.

He was then was asked to send a message to the viewers. “I wish this program would never end,” he said. “Everything feels like a dream right now, and I’ve met a lot of people who are precious to me.” He was also sure to thank everyone who has supported him.

“Produce 101 Season 2” wrapped up with its finale on June 16, and the eleven final members of the group are planned to make their debut this summer under the name Wanna One.

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