“Doctors” Cast Members Prove That They Are Still Close As Ever Through Reunion Photos

Recently, Park Shin Hye and Kim Min Suk, from the SBS drama, “Doctors,” have been posting photos showing that the cast is still close even almost a year since the show’s finale.

On June 16, Park Shin Hye posted a photo with Lee Sung Kyung, Ji Yi Soo, and Yoon Kyun Sang to her Instagram.

She captioned the photo, “When the eldest is the cutest,” and pointed out that the four had decided to meet randomly, in the spur of the moment.

And following this, on June 17, Kim Min Suk also posted a photo of a mini “Doctors” cast reunion on his Instagram. His photo featured Park Shin Hye, Ji Yi Soo, and Lee Sung Kyung.

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닥터스 전우들 #전우애

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It is important to note that the stars are wearing different clothes between pictures, indicating that they met on a different day. And as evident from their happy and silly expressions, they are still as close as ever.

What do you think about their silly friendship?

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