Watch: BewhY Drops MV For “Scar” Featuring Snippets From Lee Je Hoon’s Upcoming Movie

BewhY has released a new single titled “Scar”!

“Scar” is a collaboration with the movie “Anarchist from Colony,” which was directed by Lee Joon Ik and stars actor Lee Je Hoon. The music video of “Scar” was directed by the movie director Lee Joon Ik himself.

BewhY had often expressed that he was inspired by director Lee Joon Ik, and upon watching ‘Anarchist from Colony,’ he said, “I was very moved by the movie. As a Korean citizen, there was no reason to reject the offer for a collaboration. Park Yeol’s (main character from the movie) values are also in line with my own.”

Previously through a V Live broadcast, Lee Je Hoon had also revealed that he was a fan of BewhY. “He’s a musician I really like. When I heard from director Lee Joon Ik that he had asked BewhY to collaborate with him, I was very happy. Once I read the lyrics he wrote after watching the movie, I was very surprised because it accurately contained Park Yeol’s beliefs and mindset. I genuinely think he’s a genius.”

“Anarchist from Colony” will premiere in theaters on June 28. In the meantime, take a look at BewhY’s music video for “Scar” below!

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